Our Team

Abishek Mahendhiran
CEO and Founder of Isai Tamil Records

Abishek Mahendhiran
CEO and Founder of Isai Tamil Records

Abishek Mahendhiran, better known by his stage name Abishek Mahi. He is a young Indian Independent Artist, Songwriter, Record Producer, and YouTuber. He started his career on YouTube by composing and uploading music videos. He is a student at Sona College of Technology, Salem (2018-2022 Batch) (B.Tech. Information Technology).
Hariharan K. P.
Co-Founder of Isai Tamil Records

Hariharan K. P.
Co-Founder of Isai Tamil Records

Hariharan is co-founder of Isai Tamil Records. He is an Engineering Student at Adhiyaman College of Engineering, Hosur (2019-2023 Batch) (B.Tech. Information Technology).


Who we are?

A while ago, when we were a group of a music band, We produced some decent amount of good tracks, and looking for some exposure, we tried to promote our works as much as we can, but eventually, everything was driving low much of traffics, shouldn't mention this but back in that day, We only upload our music/videos to YouTube, so outside YouTube we had no fans.

Later on, we decided to distribute our content outside YouTube, which was a great idea to us but don't know how to.

After all that we opened our distribution service, and invited more independent artists to our label, Our main motive is that No Independent Artists should face difficulties like us, also to help every artist for their successful career.

The label was started originally to distribute our content to various platforms, later on, we share our service with many independent artists.

What we do?

We are a band of musicians who compose our music and distribute them. Now we have decided to extend our helping hand to other artists in distributing their music, with 100% royalty to them.

Why us?

We are just like your Friendly Neighbourhood band of musicians. More than that, we provide 100% royalty of your music to you! We do not charge anything extra apart from the fixed charge for single songs.

How to contact us?

You can contact us at any time through Whatsapp, Email or even through phone call with whatever you are convenient with. For more details, visit Contact Us page.

What about our nature of support?

As told earlier, we are like Friendly Neighbourhood band of musicians. So regarding any help or issues, you can contact us and talk to us freely. We are always there to help and provide support to you.

How much time does it take?

As soon as you contact us and when we complete all the procedures, your song will be distributed in all the leading platforms within a week.